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Experimental Post

February 05, 2021 11:40 AM | Anonymous

I am experimenting with the blog capabilities.

Here is the body of my post. This where you would talk about the main subject and make sure you have lots of keywords that would come up in search such as: Cary, Fine Art, Fine ARts League of Cary, painting, Drawing, instruction, art lessons, art show, applications for show, how to get in shows, how to exhibit your work, how to hang your work, how to get follows on social media, how to sell your art on Etsy.

Selling Your Art

Hints on how to be found online and sell

Using Social Channels

Be sure to link out to other websites

Hanging your art

Here's where someone could learn tips on how to properly frame and hang art for a show.

What I cannot figure out is how to add photos. This is NOT obvious here at all. and the text tool is really limited.

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